Keep Your Spine Safe On The Slopes


By Melani Schweder Ski and snowboard season is upon us here in the Rocky Mountains, and millions of visitors will flock to the slopes over the next few months to revel in one of Colorado’s most prized activities. These winter playgrounds are only a short drive away from the Fort Collins area, so [...]

Keep Your Spine Safe On The Slopes2017-11-29T17:35:01-07:00

What Your Chiropractor Wants You To Know About Proper Form


By Melani Schweder Correct form and posture may be something you’re used to hearing about from your gym coach or personal trainer, but you can count your chiropractor in on the discussion too. Whether you are lifting weights, doing calisthenic exercises, or just going for a walk, how you hold your body and [...]

What Your Chiropractor Wants You To Know About Proper Form2017-11-29T16:59:18-07:00

The Benefits Of Massage Therapy


By Melani Schweder Massage has exhibited numerous health benefits over the centuries; including both physical and mental improvements for patients seeking pain relief, help with stress, or healing from an injury. Just as chiropractic care treats the spine, massage therapy addresses muscle issues. By working directly on tight or injured muscles, your therapist is manipulating the [...]

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