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    Neuromuscular Therapy

    Neuromusculor therapy uses static pressure on myofascial point in order to relieve pain. Soft tissue manipulation is used with this therapy, based on the neuromusculoskeletal system to treat dysfunction and pain caused by an underlying issue. It can be used to treat trigger points, relieve tension in muscles, and treat issues in the tendons and ligaments.


    Also called Swedish massage, it makes use of several different techniques including effleurage, petrissage, kneading, percussive, and rolling strokes to help relieve stress and tension in the muscles, and to improve circulation. A Swedish massage typically utilizes lighter pressure than a deep tissue massage in order to facilitate greater relaxation.

    Sports Massage

    Sports massage uses a combination of massage techniques and stretching in order to improve athletic performance and keeps muscles loose and warm to reduce injuries. It also helps to remove toxins and byproducts built up in the body after a hard workout. It is used by many athletes as a preventive medicine, and to increase the effectiveness of training. Sports Massage is also beneficial in helping athletes recover from any injuries.

    Deep Tissue Massage

    This type of massage, like the name suggests gets deep beyond the surface of the skin into the muscles and soft tissues underneath. It gets into the deep areas of the muscle, specifically into the muscle belly in order to affect change and bring healing to a painful area. There may be some tenderness and soreness for a day or so following a deep tissue massage, but after that most people experience an overall reduction in pain and increase in muscle flexibility and motion.


    Reflexology says that certain areas on the feet hands and ears correspond to specific parts of the body, including internal organs. The theory is that by applying pressure to some of these areas, the nervous system sends signals to the corresponding area and helps the body find homeostasis (balance). Reflexology can be used to reduce pain, stress, and tension, improve circulation, and relieve anxiety.

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